Driven by our vision and core values in which sustainability is embedded. We create a mindset within the organization, synchronizing everything we do to fulfill the ambition sought by the organization. Below are five key strategies that will help us achieve and sustain our organizational goals and ambition:


Consumers are at the center of attention of everything we do. We react by anticipating their needs, and initiating our development accordingly. The region’s population is predominantly young. Their needs and demands are constantly changing, influenced by global trends and exposures. While we keep a close eye on local markets, we constantly look out for global trends that would have potential impact on the behavior of local consumers.


By understanding local consumers through proper research and insights, we develop products that cater to existing needs and yet, creating greater value. Our added value comes in different forms, such as better taste, format, efficacy, health and overall product experience. We initiate proactive developments based on foresights and anticipation of emerging trends. Such developments are inspired by changes in consumer lifestyle and demographic evolution. In either approach, safety is an intrinsic part of our products quality and value. We are committed to developing superior products and better alternatives in accordance to the highest efficacy and health standards.

Society & Environment

We strive to play an active role in protecting our environment using environmentally friendly materials where possible, such as recycled and biodegradable materials in our products.

Operation & Suppliers

We work relentlessly and consistently to build internal systems, process and capabilities throughout the supply chain, manufacturing and logistics. This adds to the functional capabilities and best global practices in every operative area within the organization. Our aim is to attain a sustainable competitive edge and advantage every step of the way to pass on a greater value to our customers in every product we make. We will engage our suppliers and partners in this process to achieve holistic operational framework that is effective and efficient.


We recruit talents and create an environment and culture that will help them flourish and grow within the organization.